Tim Stutts here. I am a multifaceted design leader drawn to challenges touching on interaction, user experience, sensory feedback, systems design, data visualization and spatial computing. I am also a cautiously optimistic technologist and advocate for user data privacy and inclusive design.

I currently serve as Director of Product Design at Faceware, a leading developer of facial motion capture software and hardware. Previous endeavors have included designing symbolic input, sensory feedback and various systems for the Magic Leap spatial computing platform, developing award-winning data visualizations at IBM Watson's Cognitive Visualization Lab, prototyping patented augmented reality heads up display applications for Honda Research Institute, creating a gestural music sequencer for Oblong Industries, and programming data-inspired visual effects on an IBM Smarter Planet commercial campaign for Motion Theory. Prior to this I gained an experiential primer as a sound designer for films, installations and console games.

Outside of work I am a family person, storied traveler, and music maker, living just north of Miami, Florida.