Application Design Projects

Studio Realtime Facial Animation Platformleading design for Faceware Technologies, 2019 - Present

Object Recognition in Lumin OS, Magic Leap 1leading interaction design for Magic Leap, 2019 - 2020

LED and Haptic Patterns for Control, Lightpack and Lightwear, Magic Leap 1leading design for Magic Leap, 2017 - 2020

Symbolic Input for Control Virtual Keyboard, Voice Dictation, and Perhipherals, Magic Leap 1leading interaction design and prototyping for Magic Leap, 2016 - 2020

Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences Application
interaction design and prototyping for IBM, 2016

Watson News Explorer Applicationvisual interaction / data visualization design and front-end development for IBM, 2015 - 2016

Mobile Developer Education Platform
interaction design for TurnToTech, 2015

Watson Connected Services Demo
visual interaction design for IBM, featured at IBM Impact conference, 2014

Watson X-Ray Application
visual interaction design / font-end development for IBM, 2013 - 2014

Situational Awareness HUD Augmented Reality Prototypeinteraction / visualization design and prototyping for Honda Research Institute (through PushPopDesign), 2013

Gestural Interface Concept
interaction design for Imimtek (through PushPopDesign), 2013

Airborne Beats Gestural Music Performance Applicationinteraction design and prototyping for Oblong Industries (through PushPopDesign), 2012

Quadrigram Data Visualization Platformuser experience design and communications for Bestiaro, 2012

Museum of Science Demo for iPad
design and development for Sencha Animator (through PushPopDesign), 2011

YouTube Gadget Concept
interaction design for Disney (through The Area Lab), 2011

Interactive Presentation
design for LessPackaging UK (through The Area Lab), 2011

Stadium Inventory Platform
interaction design for Levy Restaurants (through Lucede Systems Groupo), 2011

Xbox Extras Windows Phone Application
interaction design for Microsoft (through IconMobile), 2010

Xbox Support Site
interaction design for Microsoft (through Blitz Agency), 2010

World Cup Mobile Trivia Game
interaction design for Nike (through Blitz Agency), 2010

Solar Energy Promotional Microsite
interaction design and development for Sun Power (through Motion Theory), 2010

Event Networking Applications
interaction design for BetterOffline, 2009

Small Business Finance Applications
interaction design for Intuit, 2008 - 2009

Visual Effects Design Projects

Data Wall Application
motion graphic design and development for Electronic Arts (through B-Reel) at E3 convention, 2013

Nexus Q Audio Visualization Concept
motion graphics design and prototyping for Google (through Left Field Labs), 2012

Fiat 500 - Get Ready Commercialvideo effects design and programming for Fia (through Motion Theory), 2011

Smarter Planet Energy Commercialvisual effects design and programming for IBM (through Motion Theory), 2010

Generative Grass Pattern Products
print design for Fisura, 2009

Sound Design Projects

Medical Pulse Oximeter
sounds design for Covidien (through PushPopDesign), 2012

Product Brand Videos
sound design for Disney (through PushPopDesign), 2011

18.08 Feature Animation for iPadsound design for Wired Magazine (through Robert Hodgin), 2010

"Justice League Heroes" Playstation 2 Game
sound editing for Marvel (through Warner Brothers), 2006

"Jade Empire" Xbox Game
sound editing for BioWare (through Technicolor), 2005

"Drawn Together" TV Series
sound design for Comedy Central (through Technicolor), 2005

"Unreal Championship 2" Playstation 2 Game
sound editing / processing for Midway Games (through Technicolor), 2005

Art Exhibitions

Watson News Explorer Applicationdesigned and development, featured in "Places & Spaces: Mapping Science" exhibition, Indiana University, US, 2020
"Android Touch Wall" Interactive Video Installation
design and development for Google (through Electroland), debuted at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 2012

"Primate Cinema" Video Installationsound design for Rachel Mayeri, debuted at Ars Electronica, Linz, 2011

"Malleable Electronic Lawn" Hardware Interface
design to control "Sonic Topology" video installation by Zach Layton, debuted at Sony Wonderlab, NYC, 2007

"Grass Type" Interactive Keyboard and Video Installation
collaboration on design / development with Che-wei Wang, debuted at ITP Spring Show, NYC, 2007

"Push Pop Music" Audio-Visual Video Installation
collaboration design / development with Rui Pereria, debuted at ITP Spring Show, NYC, 2007

"Lumen" Interactive Light and Sound Installationsound design and software development for Electroland, deputed at Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial, NYC, 2006

"The Lottery of the Sea" Documentary Film
sound mixing for Alan Sekula, premiered at REDCAT, Los Angeles, 2005

"The Sounds and Visions of Dreamtime" Concert Performance
live audio-visuals for didjeridoo players John Villa and Bill Yidumduma Harney, California tour, 2005

"Sense Absence" Light and Sound Installation
software development for Daniel Rothman and Paul Tzanetopoulos, debuted at Neues Museum, Bremen, 2004


"Accessible XR Controller Haptics Design"
talk with Eric Vezzoli for A11yVR Meetup, 2020

"User Data Privacy and the Metaverse"
talk with Feras Ahmed for Florida Game Developers Association Meetup, 2020

"A Bit of a Data Unicorn: From Data Sprinkles to Augmented Reality"podcast interview for Great Data Minds, 2019

"A Journey in Mixed Reality HCI"
talk with Savannah Niles for IxDA Miami, University of Miami, FL, 2018

"Interaction Design and Prototyping within Uncharted Domains"
talk for IxDA Miami, University of Miami, FL, 2017
"Prototyping in the Work World"talk for Emergent Digital Practices, Denver University, CO, 2015

"Interlinked D3 Data Visualizations, featuring News Explorer"
talk at Austin d3.js meetup, Teradata, Austin, TX, 2015

"Creative Coding for Interaction Design"talk at FITC Toronto, 2014
"Introducing Airborne Beats"
talk at ZzzInc, Barcelona, Spain, 2012

"Airborne Beats Live!"lecture and demo at Bar Mitte for Catalyst event in Barcelona, Spain, 2012

"Creative Coding for Commercials"
talk at ZzzInc, Barcelona, Spain, 2010


"On Designing Input and Perception for an XR Platform : a Discussion with Tim Stutts"interviewed by Sadao Tokuyama, Leapers Japan Blog, 2020

"Four Key Challenges Facing UX Design for XR"interviewed by Filip Healey, AIXR Blog, 2019

"Exciting updates for News Explorer"for Watson Developer Blog, 2016

"Presenting News Explorer"co-authored with Mauro Martino for Watson Developer Blog, 2015
"Minority Report Meets GarageBand: Airborne Beats is Hand-Controlled Music Makingwork mentioned in article by Create Digital Music, 2012

"Sinan Ascioglu: OpenProcessing Architect"an interview for, 2010
"Adventures in Recording: The Traveler Brings Back the Outback"interviewed with MOTU, 2006


Honoree Recipient of the Fast Company Innovation By Design Award, Product Categoryfor Magic Leap 1, 2020

Kantar Information is Beautiful Award
for Watson News Explorer, 2016

Finalist in the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award
for Watson News Explorer, 2016

Outstanding Technical Achievement Award
for Watson Connected Services demo, featured at IBM Impact, 2014

Adobe Design Achievement Award
with Che-wei Wang for "Grass Type" Installation at NYU ITP, NYC, 2007


Keyboards for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality display systemsMagic Leap, Plantation, FL, 2018

Display panel or portion thereof with graphical user interfaceMagic Leap, Plantation, FL, 2018

System for warning a driver of a potential rear end collisionHonda Research Institute, Mountain View, CA, 2016


"Introduction to Processing"
workshop assistance for Gray Area Foundation For The Arts (GAFFTA), San Francisco, CA, 2009

Creative application Workshops
for The Apple Store Fifth Avenue, New York City, 2006-2007

"Digital Audio Editing"
course instructor for The Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA, 2006


Masters of Professional Studies
Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University, NYC, 2008  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Technology
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, CA, 2003

Student of Music Composition and Jazz Bass
University of Miami, FL, 1999 - 2001